Wood Adjustable Pedestal


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wood sub structure pedestal

Wood Adjustable Pedestal

The self-levelling adjustable pedestals for wood are made from PP Polyproylene (recyclable) making them incredibly strong and also UV resistant. With the self-levelling support head ensuring that once all the supports are laid with the framework in place the deck is completely level. Ideal for later installing your decking boards once your wood joist frame has been fitted. Comprising of a broad base, which spreads the load on the surface below ensuring stability, these are often loose laid onto a roofing membrane or can be bolted to a concrete floor. Onto this you can then adjust the height by using the height extension collars. Super easy to use they have a simple ‘click’ motion to attach them together, allowing you to build up the pedestals in 100mm increments. The collars are then fixed to the support head with the adjustable threaded section, allowing for the all important incremental height adjustments. A truly effortless system to install with a self-levelling support head for wooden joists. *This is not a 100% requirement for the composite decking

Available in 13 heights and made from PP Polyproylene

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