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Why choose artificial plants for your indoor space?

We’re officially in ‘cosy up at home’ season and what better time to spruce up your indoor space and bring the outdoors in? Introducing plants to your interior doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, you don’t even need to be green-fingered! Artificial plants and trees open up your space and provide super […]

How much value can your garden add to your home?

It’s not uncommon knowledge that the property market has been booming over the last 18 months. Due to various lockdowns meaning we’ve all spent a lot more time at home, people have realised just how important having outdoor space is to them. In a bid to uncover what the most important thing is to potential […]

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How To Measure Your Garden In Preparation For Decking

Whether you have decided to install a new composite decking patio or an artificial grass lawn, it is important to be vigilant when measuring the space you have planned for the new installation. Measuring in advance will ensure you have purchased the right amount of material, which can save you time and money in the […]

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Decoration Tips with Artificial Flowers For Your Home

One of the best things about artificial flowers? Firstly they last far longer than real ones. Although you may miss the smell of fresh flowers, they are less hassle to look after and require very little maintenance. But not quite sure how to style them or decorate your interior space? In this blog post, we […]

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What Types Of Composite Decking Are There?

When looking to choose the perfect composite garden decking for your home, it can be difficult and slightly overwhelming. The first step is knowing your options and what type of composite deckings there are. In this blog post, we are going to outline the differences, and which composite deckings we offer and recommend. What types […]

Garden Ideas & Composite Decking

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Grass?

The popular debate of artificial vs real grass is one that sparks controversy within the landscaping and home owner community. Of course, both real and faux grass provide aesthetic and recreational areas that compliment the garden, no matter the size. However, the benefits of installing artificial grass stand out when compared to real grass, which […]

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Outdoor Porcelain Tiles – Bringing The Indoors, Out

Patios are a key part of any home’s garden and outdoor space, and are a perfect way to add value. Before you add any personal touches, such as fire pits and BBQ’s, the patio needs to be fitted. This is where you can really thrive in designing the perfect outdoor space for you and your […]

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How To Make a House a Home With Artificial Flowers

Welcoming spring has been a little different this year. With slowly coming out of the last year and a half of lockdowns, and with the colder, wetter spring we aren’t quite used to, everyone is eager to add a pop of spring like colour back into their homes.  Over the last few years, turning your […]

Is Composite Decking Easy To Install?

At The Outdoor Look, we stock and provide you with a range of composite decking to help you transform your outdoor space. But is it easy to install? The short answer? Yes. Installing deck boards is the low-maintenance alternative to using timber for any form of decking. This means there is no hard work sanding […]

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Bring The Outdoors In: Artificial Hedge Tiles

Whether it’s the sky, earth, flowers or water, humans are naturally attracted to the outdoors. If you’ve always wanted to incorporate the outdoors within your work place, we can help you achieve this. Here are how some of our customers have customised artificial hedges from The Outdoor Look to bring the outdoors in, with creative […]

5 deck design ideas for your home

      The Outdoorlook presents the top 5 deck design ideas! This infographic shows how you can really transform your garden with composite decking! For more design ideas you can incorporate with your own composite decking visit here!

2019 Design Trends: Composite Decking is the next big design trend

Why Composite Decking is the Next Big Trend in Home Design

Composite decking has slowly been building traction since its first release in 1990. In the past few years it has become more and more popular for home design, but why? Composite decking is low maintenance One thing that draws people into buying composite decking is the fact that once it is installed, it requires little […]

9 gorgeous deck ideas for your home

9 gorgeous deck ideas for your home

If you’ve come to this blog then no doubt you want to spice up the design of your outdoor space. Maybe you’re a design lover and you’ve come to read up on the beautiful innovative garden/home designs of 2019. Or maybe, just maybe, you want to somehow incorporate composite decking patio into your garden. Well whatever […]

composite decking for pets

Why Composite Decking is Great for Children and Pets

Low maintenance composite decking is great for children and pets, but why? Here’s an infographic to show all the reasons why it is so good! For more information, visit our website to view the full range of low maintenance composite decking!

composite decking for pets

Why composite decking is a great match for kids and pets

Your home is your castle; it’s your love, your livelihood and as a homeowner, you want to keep it as clean and tidy as humanly possible. Sometimes this can be quite difficult especially if you have kids or own pets of any kind. Different seasons cause different problems with different parts of the outside world […]

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4 Reasons Why Composite Decking is the Next Big Trend for 2019!

Composite decking has slowly been building traction since its first release in 1990 but in the past few years it has become more and more popular, but why? 1. Composite decking is low maintenance One thing that draws people into buying woodgrain composite decking is the fact that once installed it requires little to no […]

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Artificial grass: Tips for care during the winter

A frequently asked question for people converting their lawn from real to artificial is “how does artificial grass handle through the cold months?” and most people are surprised to hear that although there are little hacks and tips you can use with your grass, in the long run, your artificial lawn will withstand frostbite and […]

How to make the most of your decking during winter

Winter is here and unfortunately so is the cold weather. This usually means (if you live in the UK) you spend yourself cooped up inside enjoying the warmth of your home, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can enjoy your composite garden decking much as you do in Summer maybe even a […]

How to choose the correct decking colour for your home

So we’re going to presume you’ve made the choice to go with composite decking over traditional wood planks, you may think this is the hardest decision to be made however there are far more other design decisions to be made, one of the hardest is choosing the correct colour to match your garden in terms […]

The 3 hidden costs of traditional wooden decking

Behind the initial cost of buying traditional wooden decking; with it being, in general, more expensive, there are lots of factors and hidden costs that make wooden decking even dearer than composite decking. When most people opt for the option of going for traditional wooden planks they don’t realize how much effort, time and money […]

How to prepare your decking to protect against mold and mildew

Much like wooden decking, your composite decking can grow mold on it too, even though it is low maintenance composite decking. Mold is caused by outdoor moisture and water being trapped within cracks and joints which can freeze with low temperatures and expand causing the wood to crack, in addition to this black spots may […]

Artificial hedging gives all gardens an edge

There are more types, shapes and sizes of artificial hedging than you can imagine to fit your garden. Everyone’s garden is different, differently shaped, sized and some gardens can grow things that others can’t. More often than not; installing an artificial hedge for your garden is completely neglected as people completely disregard anything artificial, however […]

Building hot tubs with composite decking

Having a hot tub in the scorching summer months is a perfect escape from everything going on, allowing you to relax and lose yourself. When it comes to building hot tubs there’s a lot people don’t know, which often leads to confusion so people shy away from building decking or a hot tub completely. There are […]

Artificial grass is a great choice for the elderly

Artificial grass is often overlooked by homeowners due to its unjust representation of being a tacky cheap looking alternative to natural grass however recently in the past few years it has evolved so much that you cannot differentiate it to real grass. It’s a well-known fact that elderly people take pride in their gardens and […]

Composite Decking vs Wood and Extreme Weather

Here in the UK, we’ve unfortunately become accustomed to bad weather and extreme conditions; so making sure your garden can tackle these diverse weather conditions is a must! Wood used to be the sought-after choice for decking and home improvement, why is composite decking taking over? Wood is expensive Using wood to create a suitable decking […]

Can Artificial Garden Products Make Your Outside Space Accessible?

With the sun finally making an appearance, people up and down the country will be aiming to make the most of their outdoor spaces ready for the summer BBQ season. Whether you have an upcoming event, or are just wanting to spruce up your outdoor area, there are more things to consider than you think. […]

How Quickly Can You Transform Your Garden?

With the summer months looming, many people will be looking through their windows and not liking what they see. The process of starting again with our gardens can seem daunting. Often a bleak, blank canvas, outdoor spaces can look truly dismal in the winter, lacking colour and excitement. The start of the warmer weather however […]