Decking Cradles


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Decking Cradles

Decking cradles are the perfect solution where the decking requires elevating off the ground by a minimal height. There are a number of options available such as the fixed height cradles that are a simple option for elevating the joists off a flat surface. Made from recycled rubber, they evenly spread the load on the supporting surface. There is then the popular adjustable decking cradles which come in three measurements, each allowing you to set the exact height you require. Which can be adjusted using the rotating wheel allowing you to get millimetre perfect adjustment. All of which makes installing decking boards for your new composite decking patio easier, with results that will stand the test of time. *This is not a 100% requirement for the composite decking
  • Adjustable cradles available in 10-25mm, 10-40mm and 10-55mm heights.
  • Fixed cradles available in 10mm or 20mm heights.

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