Porcelain Tile - Inspiration | The Outdoor Look
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This gorgeous long garden was designed with key zones and uses for each area. Each zone was carefully divided using elements such as the grey porcelain tiles to define a zone. A great way to define the seating and cooking area in a garden with these hardwearing tiles. These large tiles can be used inside or outside.

Item: Porcelain Floor Tiles - Grey

Price: £43.61 Inc. VAT/Per SQM

Use: Garden Zoning

Low raised patio at the back of a modern home garden. This area was seen as being a very functional high impact area that would require a long lasting surface. Using the beige porcelain tiles helped to lighten the back of the garden that often felt dark whilst providing a strong long lasting surface.

Item: Porcelain Floor Tiles - Beige

Price: £43.61 Inc. VAT/Per SQM

Use: Raised Patio