Composite Decking Starter Clips


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In 1 Bag of Composite decking Starter clips, there are 10 clips and this will start off approximately 20m2 worth of decking.  Intricate designs may need more bags, if unsure, please dont hesitate to call and ask!   The most important part of your composite decking project is to start with the composite decking starter clips. The clue is in the name, but you literally can’t start laying your decking without them! The Outdoor Look’s composite decking starter clips are incredibly sturdy and durable, creating the perfect foundation for your composite decking solution, no matter what your decking project looks like! Composite decking starter clips are needed to start all decking jobs off. They are laid in a straight line across the joists and then the first board is fixed into the clip, before you can proceed to lay your deck. Composite decking is the fast-growing number one outdoor decking solution for urban and contemporary home spaces all over the UK. Composite decking offers an incredible level of beauty for your decking, with a host of different colours and shades available for you to choose from. However, not only does it look stunning in your garden - but it is the most low-maintenance yet high-impact decking solution you could possibly wish for.
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